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Manufacturing Capabilities

Industrial Felt Die-Cutting Company

Over 85 years of industrial felt die-cutting experience with continuous upgraded tooling and machining. From small thin-walled washers to over 7 ft. diameter, 2" thick pads, Aetna Felt can fabricate the parts you require. Material, fiber composition, surface finishes and construction can make a difference in how a part performs. Aetna Felt's customer service staff can help you find the best materials for the job. Our extensive facilities include:

  • Winders
  • Slitters
  • Punch Presses
  • Beam Presses
  • Rotary Presses
  • Automatic Traveling Head Presses
  • Heat Sealers
  • Foil Stampers
  • Perforators
  • Programmable Sewing Machines
  • Clickers
  • Skivers
  • Auto Baggers
  • Automatic Guillotine Knives
  • CAD/CAM Facilities
  • SPC Processes
  • Pressure Sensitive Coating Line
  • Custom Machines and Presses
  • Spooling
  • Bevel Cutting


CAD/CAM Facility

CAD/CAM Facility

Precision Reciprocating Blade Cutting

  • Eliminates most die costs
  • Instant prototype capability
  • Up to 86" width
  • 100% pattern accuracy
  • Multiple layer cutting
  • High volume means lower cost
  • Wool Felt, Synthetic Felt, Cork, Rubber, Woven and Nonwoven Fabrics


Slitting Services

We offer custom slitting of Non-Metallic Materials:

  • Widths from 1/8"-80" (+/- .02").
  • Thicknesses up to 1".
  • Roll diameters up to 48".

Capabilities and tolerances will vary and are dependent on several factors including material thickness, density and roll size.

Contact us today for a quote on your specific project.