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Felt Applications by Function

Felt's resilient nature makes it a perfect choice for anti-squeak and other metal on metal application

Voids in the felt material trap and hold particulate matter extremely well, while withstanding long term exposure to water, oil and chemicals.

Wool fibers and the felting process naturally hold in heat and absorb water.
Lubricating Voids in the material act as reservoirs and pass liquids through in a predictable, consistent manner.

Noise Control
Felt reduces sound transmission and absorbs sound naturally. Felt can be used as both a functional and decorative sound barrier.

Felt of various densities can be used for packing from “low tech” void filling to “high end” cushioning.

Felt holds fine particles well and maintains integrity through wear.

Felt delivers a consistent, predictable flow rate, and can act as both a wick and reservoir, while retaining its durability.