Lighting & Gift Industry Base Pads & Lamp Bottoms

Aetna Felt Corporation has the largest selection of base pad materials in stock in the Industry, a huge selection of stock dies, and the ability to provide custom dies to fit Your Specifications. With over 100 years of combined experience in the Fabricating and Cutting of Non-Metallic Materials, Aetna offers fast, friendly, knowledgeable service.


  • Sized (Stiff) Synthetic Felt in Black, Brown, Green, Silver Gray (1/16" Thick)
  • Cardboard Backed Velour Flocking in Black, Brown and Gray (.022" Thick)
  • Cork and Cork/Rubber Blend (1/32"- 1/4"  Thick)
  • Ultra-Thin Synthetic Lamp Base Felt (1/32" Thick) WS40

Our On-Premise Facilities Include:

  • High speed automatic die-cutting presses to fabricate to your specifications.
  • Slitting machinery for producing stripping and felt ribbon to close tolerances.
  • Laminating and coating machinery to custom coat our or your materials.
  • Logo imprinting, in silver, gold or purple foils, on velour (CB/velr) only. (Red, blue, and green also available, though not stocked, and subject to a minimum run).
  • Special purpose machines for unique applications

You can Request Information or a Quote below, or give us a call at 1-800-526-4451.