Custom Size Wool Felt Etching Blankets

Etching Blankets- Custom Sizes

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Our custom sized Printmaking Felt Etching Blankets are cut to you specifications. Please enter the SQUARE INCHES required (multiply length x width) in the quantity box and note your dimensions in the cart using the link "Add a Note to Your Order"( ie. If you need a blanket 17 x 22 enter 374 as the quantity, and 17 x 22 in the cart notes section).

  • Our Cushions are 1/4" Thick Pressed Felt, 100% Wool
  • Our Pushers are 1/8" Thick Woven Felt, 85% Wool
  • Our Sizing Catchers are 1/16" Thick Woven Felt, 85% Wool
  • Three Blankets Sets Include (1) of each Blanket
  • Four Blanket Sets Include (2) Cushions, (1) Pusher & (1) Sizing Catcher