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Aetna Felt Corporation's foot care division, Aetna Foot Products, has experienced great success in bringing its 50-plus year tradition of top-notch quality and customer service in felt business to the foot care industry. Aetna Felt has a full and complete line of podiatry and diabetic footcare products that are currently being supplied to the major podiatric distributors as well as physicians and hospitals. In 1998, Aetna Felt Corporation acquired the private label foot care company Scott Foot Care Products. After acquiring the private label foot care business U.S. Cotton (Megas) in 2002, Aetna became one of the two major suppliers to the private label and retail markets.

Aetna's product line includes:
  • Arch & Metatarsal Supports & Pad (arch & met pad)
  • Bunion, Callus & Corn Pads
  • Cork Rolls 
  • Diabetic Sock & Insoles
  • Disposable Foot Socks
  • Foot Powders and Body Powder
  • Gel & Orthotic Insole (s)
  • Heel Lifts, Pads & Wedges
  • Lamb's Wool (lambswool)
  • Orthopedic White Felt, Flesh Felt, Foam & Moleskin Pads, Padding, Rolls & Straps
  • Pedi Pads (pedi pads)
  • Private Label Podiatry Products
  • Shoe Inserts
  • Turfliner Spring Steel Insoles to Treat Turf Toe (Turf Toe Plate)

Our foot products are inspected, packaged and shipped from our state-of-the-art facility in Allentown, PA, guaranteeing consistency in product quality. We are committed to providing our customers with precision-made products that perform. Our Aetna team strives for excellence and quality in everything we do, from quality of the product to superior customer service.