4mm Thick Eco-Friendly Vegan Friendly Synthetic Designer Felt 11" x 11" Sample Sheets

  • $ 10.50

Our new, eco-friendly, synthetic designer felt is made from a 70/30 blend of PLA (polylactic acid, a corn based polyester) and Rayon (a wood pulp based synthetic fiber). This new felt is vegan friendly, containing no wool, and perfect for those who want to use a thick felt, but do not want a product that contains any animal products.

  • 4mm Thick (+/- .4mm)
  • 11" x 11" Sheets
  • Density: .20 grams per cm cubed
  • Weight: 800 g per meter squared
  • 12 Gorgeous Colors
  • Ideal for applications where the look and feel of thick felt is desired, but wool is either not needed, wanted or cost effective.

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