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Craft Felt - A Wide Variety of Materials & Colors

Aetna Felt offers a wide variety of top quality colored craft felts to meet the varied demands of the craft industry, from arts and crafts to adhesive felt bottoms for lamps. We can provide the material best suited for Your project:

  • Designer Felts - A new and exciting, 100% wool, extra-thick, deluxe craft felt!
  • 100% Wool Craft Felt - The finest quality craft felt, colorfast and durable, non-washable
  • 70% Wool / 30% Rayon Craft Felt - Similar to wool in quality, but less costly, primary colors only.
  • 100 % Synthetic Craft Felt - Machine Washable and Dryable, colorful and cost effective. Materials include Acrylic, Polyester and Rayon in 100%s and blends.
  • All of our top quality craft felts are available in rolls, sheets, and shapes, with or without pressure sensitive adhesive backing.
  • Our standard line of 100% Wool, Wool Blend and 100% Synthetic Felt, in rolls and sheets, can be ordered on line.
  • For all other materials and shapes please give us a call for a fast, friendly, custom quote designed to meet your needs.
Craft felt for arts and crafts
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